The keeper!

Painful, tearing souls apart. Belonging to a known voice A promiser of vows and words Felt belonged to the scream. Over and over again Loud and nude, felt on eardrums Shivers with Irresistable pain Or its the hollowness of own Steady with patience Weird and creepy It settles down the lane In a corner of […]

The half lost war

Based on a series…for the Shelby’s from Birmingham.

The cast.

You’ll be made to remember Remember you like a cast of me Me being the one who belongs Belongs to thee. A face that i have never seen Seen the beauty of thoughts Thoughts that you write so boldly there There, where the ink flows Title after title, reading your thoughts Thoughts that makes me […]

The “WE”

He was there in the corner, chaired. Head held low, eyes wet, face was red, bruises. He no more appeared to be wearing a shirt, torn apart. His trouser was barely protecting his dignity. Shivering, broken, thrashed, beaten like an animal. We all saw him from a distance. He dragged by a bunch of “people”, […]

Shrewdly Silent.

I sense silence While all of them sat around And talked, laughed and chanted To the latest stories they lived Here i am Sitting just next to one When things can be sorted But i opted the chaos My thought travelling Far beyond what can be felt All around the edge To the verge of […]